Are we any smarter than bacteria?

A petri dish filled with agar-agar food is home to a few bacteria placed there by a second grader's freshly washed finger. Sealed from the outside world the bacteria multiply and multiply until days later there is a serious population explosion. Each cell is starving for any remaining nutrition still not poisoned by waste from other cells. They all die in a putrid smelling end.

Are people on planet earth any different? As climate change further progresses, droughts cause food production to crash. Each poor soul is scraping for any food that can be found, caught or cut. They make more children to feed. The rich are not any better in their greed to remain rich. It does not matter that on the larger scale of time and the world, they are dooming all humanity on earth. At some point all fossil fuels and trees will have been burned for their remaining energy. Oxygen production by plants will not keep up with their desperate breathing and burning. The climate will put more power into the atmosphere creating ever stronger storms, floods and droughts devastating our our ability to survive. Masses of people will desperately try to migrate to any remaining oases of resources. Wars and failed governments will erase civility for all trying to survive the inevitable.

Politicians who deny climate change now and don't act immediately to change our global course are responsible for deaths of billions of people in the future. They are setting the booby trap that will murder everone. Also, politicians who seem to think perpetual growth is the solution for everything have not learned anything in their grade school math. Perpetual "growth" on a finite world can only lead to catastrophe and death. If society were rational, these politicians would be arrested and put in jail for future murder.

Is there a solution? Yes. The word is sustainability. Instead of stealing resources from the earth for greedy profit, we should pay the earth back for what we take. Restore the earth when we take from it. Stop using fossil fuels which would all be completely consumed in perhaps less than 100 years. Instead use energy from the sun (which should be good for billions of years,) which includes wind, ocean waves and even plant growth. Instead of endlessly consuming all raw minerals from the earth, carefully recycle them, even if it takes a lot of solar energy. Control population growth to zero. Educate the population so they understand the global problem instead of being greedy and selfish.

So mister politician, are you a murderer, selfishly defending your coal miners, oil industry or other short sighted acts in the short term, only to bring doom later?

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